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The Power of Shame

Like fear and other difficult emotions, shame is "productive" at leveraging power and manipulating a change in behaviour. Where there is shaming, you will likely find a power struggle. In some extreme cases, abuse of power. Shame makes us feel powerless and is used to gain power.

Shame makes us feel powerless. The immediate response is to re-assert our sense of power. We want to strike back, clap back, lash out. In such a state, we reason that dominating that person is what is the most rational response. If you are a person with power already, you might use that to your benefit.

We have different names for this dance that happens. Some people call it retaliation. Others say it's revenge. Some think it's justified because we frame shaming as such an offensive act.

View the full video for more.

Until next time, in solidarity.

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