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The Art of Letting Go

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Photo Cred: Dorothy Attakora-Gyan

YouTube video and Soundcloud audio available.

I always thought I was pretty okay with letting go of things. Self-work lately has shown me otherwise. It’s taken me trying to downsize to realize I actually have a hard time letting go.

Facing that difficult truth and being more honest with myself has been bittersweet.

Recently I got anxious thinking about losing my book collection. I kept making excuses about why I needed certain items. Prolonged donating clothes. I’d put things in the donate pile, then go back later and remove them, even though I haven’t worn that item of clothing in over 5 years. I have cards from elementary school. Gifts I got in 2nd grade for my first communion, others from 8th grade for my confirmation. Soo many photos and CDs with even more pictures on them. Not many albums though. (I lost my baby album and still mourn that loss).

So much grief has been coming up, that I hadn't anticipated. Including themes around letting go of people and unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

What I realized is that I'm good with dissociating, ghosting, avoiding, zoning out, and shutting down. Which is very different from the art of intentional detachment, purposeful surrender, and letting go with an open heart.

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Until next time, in solidarity.

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