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The Anatomy of an Enemy

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Photo Cred: Dorothy Attakora-Gyan

en·​e·​my | \ ˈe-nə-mē \

Definition of enemy: a person who hates or opposes another person and tries to harm them or stop them from doing something

1 : one that is antagonistic to another

especially : one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent

2 : something harmful or deadly

3a : a military adversary

b : a hostile unit or force

-Webster and Cambridge Dictionary

Who would you say my enemies are? Who would you say your enemies are? Do you have any enemies? How do you know you have enemies? Are they real or imagined? Do you have tangible examples, past or present day, of enemies who hated and opposed you? Is anyone who has ever hurt or harmed you considered an enemy? What about when friends become foe? Have you ever kept your enemies closer? Have you ever had an open discussion with your enemy about their passionate disdain for you? Did they admit it? Have any of your enemies ever owned up to trying to injure or overthrow you? Are you an enemy? Have you ever been? Why was that? Were you conscious and aware of it? Did you want to change? Have you changed? Does being an enemy make us feel big and powerful, or small and insecure? Are any of us willing to admit we are someone's adversary, or is it easier to blame them and frame ourselves as the heroes in our own stories? When we make someone an enemy, is it easier to justify bad behaviour toward them? What about when we are our own biggest enemies?

Trying to understand the anatomy of enemies.

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Until next time, in solidarity.

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