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Power Struggles and Inability to Change

I’m heavily wound up in power struggles, if even energetically.

Not being able to see where I attracted or sought out power struggles, made it impossible to see where I was in toxic power struggle loops. Even when I don’t have contact with humans, I notice energetic power struggles. I had a role to play in that.

In accepting that, and going further into it to better understand how to get out and stand in more integrity and alignment with what I say I do, or rather, what I don’t do (“I don’t do power struggles), I had to see where I was doing it and how.

What I learned about myself was for me, power struggles look like an inability to change something. It’s me pushing up against resistance of some sort.

When I am met with something that threatens some sense of stability and assurance, it can be easy for me to get into a struggle to keep things the same. I can struggle with going with the flow when all signs are pointing to pivot, change, move. My power struggles look like wanting to stay the same and fight change.

I think that might be how it shows up for a lot of us.

There is so much resistance to change right now, some of us more than others. “Make America Great Again,” is indicative of this. This nostalgia we’re being told to have for Biblical times of all things, it’s causing a lot of us to engage in power struggles.

We don’t want to let go of our ideas. We refuse to hear anything that destabilizes what we’ve always known. We refuse to flow with the unfolding times. What we know gives us a sense of power. That makes sense. Our stomping ground is where we are most powerful. Our house is typically where we feel most powerful.

Think of sports teams. They feel more confident in their own stadium than away. Think of turf wars. You are always safer in your own yard than someone else’s. It’s easy to stick with what we know. It also feels safest and most powerful.

I want us to think of that.

Where are you in power struggles in your life? If you dig deeper, would you say the root cause has something to do with an inability to change, either for yourself or the person or thing you are in a power struggle with? Would you say somewhere, the underlying message is an inability to go with the flow? Is that thing you’re pushing up against, resistance?

Until next time, in solidarity.

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