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Happy One Year Anniversary to Dee'Archives!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Photo Cred: Dorothy Attakora-Gyan

It's my 1 Year Blog-A-Versary!

Today, October 7, 2021, marks one year since I published my first blog post when I launched my website in 2020, during the COVID-19 global pandemic. That first blog was, I Ego You, which to date, has been the top blog post with the most views, with just under 70 visitors. The Multi-Scalar Geography of Shame came second with just under 30 views. And Parable of the Talents Unraveling White Male Power came third with 30 visitors.

When I first launched my website, I didn't actually expect anyone to visit it, let alone engage and explore it with any care or attention. The idea that even 60 people have taken the time out of their busy days to tune in is surprising. I'm humbled and grateful. Thank you for sticking with me. I'm committed to offering more content. I'm not giving up just yet.

If I'm also honest, the journey has also been disappointing and outright frustrating.

While I call it "my business," this is more a function of "name it into existence," rather than real. The reality is, I cannot accurately describe this as my business. It has not been registered as a business, brings in no sales or revenue, and still has no business plan to date. I work alone and do pretty much everything on my own. I cannot afford to hire help, let alone expand a team. And I'm only just beginning to map out my business canvas model. So, the reality is, a year later, this website is instead, more of a hobby and creative outlet than a business. While I'm claiming the title of artist more each day, I cannot claim to be an entrepreneur. That would be fraudulent.

In this post, I want to share some of the successes and highlight the struggles that came with it, and where I see this website going in the future.

Things that Worked (Small Wins)

  • I Created and Launched my Own Website!

  • The design, colour scheme, and feel of the site are how I imagined it

  • I Published 79 Blogs! (roughly 1.5 posts a week)

  • I created 9 Categories including Shame; Fear; Random Musings; and Healing Journey

  • Visitors from all over the globe, including the U.S., Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Norway, England, and India

  • Featured my own Photography

  • Included my own Drawings and Art

  • Created an Archival Page with Childhood Photos

  • Featured Mina Danielle Designs Lookbook

  • Shared some of my work on shame research, poetry, and storytelling

  • Started recording audios for blogs

  • Envisioned a new Podcast

  • Took webinars, modules, workshops, and coaching from others

  • Researched more about my craft, and how to run a business

  • Took some time off to rejuvenate

  • Haven't given up yet

Things that Didn't Work (Hard Losses)

  • I was unable to register what I originally envisioned and intended to be a business

  • Still feels like a hobby than an art

  • Failing as an entrepreneur

  • Made no Sales

  • Acquired no new clients

  • No pitches were accepted, even fewer submitted

  • No writing contests won

  • Made no long-lists or short-lists

  • Just over 5 Subscribers

  • Sent out no Newsletters

  • Haven't yet recorded audio for all blogs

  • Low numbers, even fewer followers

  • Received only 2 Pay Pal donations, no buy me a coffee's

  • No return investment in comparison to output and energy exerted

  • I could have been more consistent, worked harder, and networked better/smarter

  • Should have asked for more help

I'm still fleshing out exactly who my target audience is. As an energetic, I sense many more eyes than just 60 have read my work. But my website traffic analytics does not reflect this, making me think that I am not most people's direct source for my content. I don't know who is, or where folks go to instead. This has made researching who is engaging with me and why difficult.

I have tried to quit a few times already, but the ideas and content keep flowing. The passion for writing is still there. The love of it, even more, heightened. I'm still under-resourced, unemployed, and under-utilized. I have little to no spoons. Many projects I've never completed, and mounting debt and real-life hurdles. Honestly speaking, I'm not confident this is sustainable. I know what needs to change, and will be doing my best to make those changes.

All I can say for now is, I haven't given up yet. Thank you so much for still rocking with me. All of this is literally impossible without support, encouragement, and motivation. Please donate if you are able. I appreciate you. If you're like me and struggling with failure to launch and great expectations, keep pushing!

If this resonates, please pass it along and share it with others. If it doesn't, that's okay too. Like others, I and my words are not meant for everyone. If it is for you, please consider making a donation to I'm also on Buy Me a Coffee at DeeArchives. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time, in solidarity.

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