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Hallow, No More

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Image Description: A photo of a log on a rock covered with fungus. A body of water and homes can be seen in the background. Trees line the edges of the water.

There's no one there

Blank stares

Hallow glares

A well of emptiness.

These needs have not been met

For centuries



There's no one there.

One by one

Power replaced with desperation

The invasion was spiritual

The robbery, mental

The infliction, physical.

Soul wounds trickled down

Abandonment rose up

Insecurities spread round

Overcompensated with dread.

Beg me for more of what I cannot provide

Leave me depleted of what I wish to make me whole

There's no one there.

A well of emptiness.


To fill you must go deep

Deeper than the glaciers that melt

Further than the plates long torn apart

To the depths of lava that only love can freeze over.

We have always been there

A well of abundance

Come find us there

In the Underworld

We have always been vibrant.

Hallow no more

We await your arrival

There are many here

Always have been.

In the stillness of time

We will meet

Hallow no more

Filled with abundance

Needs will be met

For 7 generations, and 7 more to behold.

But first

Go deep

Travel light

We await your arrival.

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Until next time, in solidarity.

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