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Anti–Critical Race Theory Advocates Covering Shame

Facing these shameful histories has proven too challenging for some people. Republican representative Kristey Williams, for example, was reportedly afraid teaching CRT would result in students “internalizing shame” (Bahl, 2021).

Suddenly, white conservatives care about shame, not just white pride. Williams was quoted to have said, “If you are confronted with the fact that you, because of the color of your skin, are racist and you are the problem then that can manifest shame, especially in adolescents and women” (Bahl, 2021, paras. 3).

This is a convenient argument given that critical race theorists have long spoken to how constructions of Black people as shameful brings more shame to them, negatively impacting their lives and standard of living. When Black communities argued that this representation of Blackness as shameful is harmful, they were ignored, gaslighted, and dismissed as overly sensitive and emotional manipulation; and yet here we see white communities making the same claim unproblematically and without irony.

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