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2021 Recap

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Image Description: A photo of an Airbnb bedroom with Indigenous art of birds.

The audio version of this can be found on Soundcloud and YouTube.

In 2021 I applied for 11 jobs but received 0 job offers, callbacks, or interviews. I submitted 7 writing pitches and entered 6 writing contests, none of which were picked up, long-listed, or short-listed. I applied for 4+ scholarships and bursaries, received 1, plus I got an additional 3 bursaries/emergency funds. I posted 53 blogs, which averages to roughly one each week, and uploaded 6 audio versions, 0 of which were paid. I drew 7 times. Started at least 7 new writing projects, a short story which has turned into a longer one, maybe a novella or a novel. Plus I’m conceptualizing what it would look like to translate my Ph.D. dissertation into a book. Plus I got really excited about more stories which I’m turning into a trilogy, with an encore twist. Creatively, I had lots of ideas, many of which I wrote down, some of which, passed and are long forgotten.

School-wise, for the second time since I started my Ph.D., I left my old supervisor on February 1st and got a new one who has been exceptional and supportive. We got an editor on board to help me finish strong. She has been a blessing, giving really insightful feedback that’s already enhancing my chapters, keeping me accountable, and moving at a pace that works for all of us. I currently have 6 chapters in my dissertation and have written over 50,000 words, many of which have been cut down, likely never making it to the finished product. I'm working on edits in the hopes of defending later this year, hopefully graduating in the Fall. I read over 6 books and 320 academic articles or mainstream publications. I attended over 181 courses, webinars, zoom calls, workshops, and other conference presentations. Went live on social media 6 times, 1 of which was a collaboration.

I applied to 12 pet-sitting gigs, got 1, and manifested cat energy over the holidays. Took 6 weeks off, attended 15 therapy sessions, 5 peer support groups, and met virtually with a psychiatrist and gynecologist to sort out health-related issues. I danced, stretched, did Insanity, or walked at least 3 times a week, on most weeks, with the exception of vacations and off-weeks. I showed up for myself daily, even when it felt hard. I rested a whole lot. Netflixed and chilled with myself. Lived with roommates, tried the digital nomad life out, and all while dodging homeless and a deadly virus in the midst of COVID. All to say, it was a year.


For 2022 I’m trying to set more realistic expectations.

My goals include earning at least 40K and getting at least 4 articles published (1 per quarter). I'd prefer to not have to apply to jobs yet and instead, focus on building my business, getting paid to write, and living out my purpose. I'm hoping for more partnerships and paid gigs. To submit at least 12 pitches (1 per month). Limit the number of blogs I post and create more videos and audio for already existing blogs. I want to read less and listen to more audiobooks and podcasts, and hopefully attend even fewer zooms/webinars/etc. I don’t care to do social media lives but would like to collaborate more with others. I’d love 1 or 2 more pet-sitting gigs, and to travel to Belize when I graduate from my Ph.D. to debrief the last 9 years. I’m also aiming for 8 weeks off.

Mostly, I just want to continue showing up for myself daily.

How was your 2021? Do you have any new goals or resolutions for 2022? Thank you for sticking around and supporting me. I'm wishing you all the best this year. Stay safe, be kind, rest and hydrate, spread love, and do you.

If this resonates, please pass it along and share it with others. If it doesn't, that's okay too. Like others, I and my words are not meant for everyone. If it is for you, please consider making a donation to I'm also on Buy Me a Coffee at DeeArchives. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time, in solidarity.

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